Akademik Bilişim: four days

Akademik Bilişim is making national conferences and organize groups who interests in usage, educate and create information technologies. In 2015 Akademik Bilişim was in Anadolu University / Eskişehir.

I signed up for 4 day long Web programming with Python course and one of the instructor was Fatih Erikli, who I met him when I was 12. So, after long years I met face to face with my friend and it’s awesome experience for me. We started from the beginning, and we learned so many things about Python and web programming.

The organization was great for people who interests in many fields of IT. If you want to take a course next year in Akademik Bilişim, I would highly recommend it.

Thank you Akademik Bilişim’s makers, instructors, participants and contributors!

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